Ssssh, Not While I'm Pouring

by Bauce Sauce

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I suppose my second annual birthday release project? IDK. These are tracks I've been sitting on and been too lazy to put out or record. Enjoy or not.


released September 27, 2012

Thanks to Jazz Cartier, GM, godAWFUL, Zach G for providing beats from their own songs for me to rap on. They did not have to do that. DJ Wadstaxx and Da$h for Prestige, what up? Bauce Sauce is for the people.



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Stick Up Kids Greenville, South Carolina

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Track Name: Bauce Sauce
Top of the morning to you obnoxious and boring
MCs please, Shhh, not while I'm pouring
You don't participate, You Fred Flintstones hate, that I'm Mr Slate
Rob is your Foreman
I don't care if your drop is so foreign
Crunch time comes around, you gotta forfeit
You practice 10 times a day
You aint a natural, m times a, you gotta force it
But me? Aint no meteclorians here
Yo buzz is light beer, head and all
My buzz is light years ahead of yall what a Toy Story career
Robs Profits not stopping, Its been a glorious year
You slackin jerk, Get back to work
Want shit done, I'm the one they askin first
I order something, I've never heard a NO
You order something, and its followed by "please pull up to the first window"
Track Name: Grow Up ft. Otherwise
So let's make noise for the kids
Who refuse to grow up yeah those toys r us kids
We don't mean to be boisterous its
Just I probably get way too much enjoyment from this
Cause Every single time and occassion
I get on the mic and spit lines in arrangements
It takes me back to the days of my lionel train set
Monopoly games until the finalest payment
So Sue me Bro, I stay spewing movie quotes
Big Gulps huh alright well see ya later
I'm just kid in adult size aviators
I still laugh when farts in jokes
And I'm the one of of my friends who still sharts the most
Guilty as charged
With my filthy ass drawers
I'd rather have immaturity than Insecurity
And what ever spot we at they always callin security
Track Name: Hot Pants
Lawdamercy, that derriaire
Would make Based God call it legendary very rare
If I asked if you got it from your momma would you care to share
Yo ass is like the glasses on Harry Care
Thick, shaped like a glass of Perrier,
Nair Waxed erry hair
Its like them shorts Barely there
You've been running through my head all day long
And them legs? Well, they long.
Let's kick it like Fei Long
I just want to go down like Jay Sean
And eat you like a Lil Debbie, no kreayshawn
2 caaaaatz,
When you passs
I'm like who's that
With that cute ass
And I'm sure you got the brains to match
But if my eyes wander then I think we both know what's to blame for that
Wanna strip you down, locate your tats
So girl, please tell me that you're OK with that

Look at you, damn
Good genes must run in yo fam,
Looks like you smuggling two Smithfield Hams
I'm sure everyday you get a thousand hollerers
But I'm Bauce sauce, I got 1,000 followers
It might sound thirsty, insane and dumb
If I tried to get a handful I might sprain a thumb
What's yo name, what's yo AIM
What's yo google talk?
I wanna know the whole kit and kaboodle ma
Them Daisy Dukes crazy cute
Hop in my Mercedes coupe
One button and the navy blue sueded roof disappear
Call that alopecia
Whisper in your ear, I'm glad to meet ya
And how I bet your booty supple
Already picturing me and you a couple
Them Short shorts short
Take you home pop the cork, pour Port
Cook you a meal like the Swedish chef bork bork bork
Track Name: Garden of Goliath
You don't stand a chance as factor
Jabot with matching pants and I'm dapper
Shouts out Lantz that's my cracker
Pimp Game Legend, Call ya girl Vance, I'm a Bagger
No Gudda Gudda
My rhymes always been ludacris, no luva luva
Got your girl bare in my kitchen like Old mother hubbard's cupboard
My outfit on Craig Sager
My house sit on eight acres
Who Da Neighbors?
An ex-minneapolis Laker
Now that's paper
Bauce Sauce the pen name
Awesomes the pen game
Lost friends, blame, all costs to get fame
How many rappers in they 20's? Thousands now
I'm the only one you know that bought a house and put 20 thousand down
And I got the certified check to prove it
More responsibilities than you but still acting extra stupid
This 401K music, I suggest that you invest into it.
The Answers Rob, the question is who's the best to do it.

My crew juiced more than Montell is
Asking about this Rob fella, and then act like you not jealous
Those in Goliath's garden trying to throw stones rocks at us
I'm throwed, stoned.... Doc Ellis
Pardon me if my presence can make em sick
After hearing my verses, They yell and then shake their fist
But its evident you are shit, its exceptional when I spit
And telling all those with suggestions to eat a dick
You are not on my level, jack
Saying Rob aint Keroac
That's like pot rappers calling the kettle whack
Beef, I settle that with a certain Savoir faire
I was born this awesome, and homie I know that's not fair
These girls wilding out to see me
If my life were a movie you' be tryin out to be me
Find me in exotic locales my girl lie out in bikinis
Topless, on beach sand the color of Brian Scalabrine
Track Name: Rare Birds
Rare Birds... These are rare words, rare words

Got this beat from Zach G, He sent it last week
I Drop a mixtape and do numbers like a mathlete
Life aint fare like a taxi
25 now, I'm get old son, mary kate and ashley
But if you don't get off my vertebrate of course then I
Will send you to the pearly gates, boy you'll die
I got a gun closet that's middle aged, Doggy why?
Cause its filled with nothing but 38s and 45s
Came out the water like a pretty ass dolphin
When I say I wanna see how your girl stroke it I aint talking bout watching her pretty ass golfin
Try to be as silly as often
Ridiculous yet meticulous
Watch me sun these fly dudes, Icarus
Shouts to Marc and my IU constituents
Rush order? I can hurry cane like Ryu kicking shit
Only thing I'm tellin you to kick is rocks
Whiskey on the rocks
I'm in it for the long term, 401k and options for stocks
You the village idiot, throw tomatoes at you while you locked in the stocks
Whippin the black Carerra
Ball like Gerry McNamera
Kick it like capoeira
So much bread, looks like wallet just had Panera
She want to know how my thing feel
Take your bitch on a picnic and frolic through a sping field
Call me as Mr Burns motherfucker, Mr Burns
Let it burn motherfucker, let it burn
Fillin urns motherfucker, fillin urns
So wait your turn motherfucker, wait your turn

If you can't see I'm the future you lack foresight
It's still nWo for life
Tough guys hating, looking for fights
Against me, Bitch you too weak, fortnight
You'll catch that one, Fourteen days later
And when it finally hits,
You'll need morphine cause the pains greater
They say money will trans your posture
How I act after getting bands and offers
Will be the same way "I live" before the mills, antipasta
You get no dough, you must be Anti-pasta
Your girl looks like a xannied out tranny rasta angry Blanca
Fuck Ted talks, I'd rather hear Ted talk, Bawno
Bitches wanna share me, Bono
Tell you and your man, U and U2, Bono
If they lock me up for what I do to beats Am I getting bond? No
Give your chick the Andueille
Whisper sweet nothings to her, she replies "I'm dewy"
I'm about my decimals, I'm Dewy
Yall do yall We gon do we
Got a hall full of broads all wanting to do
If I was your Kinect avatarnot a damn thing you do would move me
Bars More Crazy Than a thousand Lumidees
PuL my fingar
Gooby please
Track Name: Ain't Shit
We wavy holmes, Catch me at yo lady's home,
Retrieving her mail in the am in a paisley robe
Pretty silk
Half caf macchiato with a splash of titty milk
Come to your town and tear down what your city built
Fuck Mac Miller and his many ilk
Yeah I said What you gone do bout it?
He looks like he had Progeria and grew out it
Hi Anna
Rack City Dog, Ren ten ten twenties and the fifties hoe
Beluga caviar diet, that sticky roe
Duffel bag full of money like I'm Ricky Roe
My New bitch, high yellow like Stick Stickly nose
Blue chips, Coach these players like Nick Nolte
My slick multis get your chick sultry
With a cutie blonde bomb
That I'm a hit like kermit washington and rudy tomjan
Your flow that's a mess, you need help send an SOS
Serving Punchlines like lunch lines at S&S
Your mom subscribes to my tweets via sms
When I step up to the plate, big slugger, go yard
When I step up to the plane, French luggage, goyard
Step into the booth, get aroused, and go hard
Recite epic poems, don't say I rap, say I go bard
Covert thirst, these dudes Simp bad
Got Credit like a Pin Pad
Smooth talker, make good girls sin bad
Rap about Nicktoons?I was the First Kid, No sinbad
I don't give a fuck about petty milestones
You out here like this one time on Bandcamp
Bitch I been had bars, Check the handstamps
Dried Jism on your sister's trampstamp
For my dick, your chick got a jones, Lolo
Who came first? It was kind of a tie... Bolo
Mixin up the sprite, we leanin... Cholo
Set this whole rhyme scheme up so I could say Yolo

Rap Game Ernest Baker
Serious about my dough, I'm an earnest baker
Get around my society of friends, you nerds turn to quakers, nervous fakers
We trippy like a circuit breaker
If we talking Bourbon, I prefer it Maker's
Catch me smoking sherm out in sherman acres
Everybody wants to rap now, that's learned behavior,
My style eye-popping, word to Vader
Everything I spat is either crack or ether
My crew alcoholics who stay with mead like trapper keepers
So whose next? Prepare to die.
Fuck saving, blew checks like I'm verified