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from Ssssh, Not While I'm Pouring, released September 27, 2012
You're Sugar sweet, you need insulin
I am insolent, I don't care
Your crew like the tiles in a dropped in ceiling, so square
Check the schema
You a bitch, If I give ya bars, you'll probably request a Zima
Spit cancer, Every breath is emphysema
My V necks and tees are threaded pima imported direct from Lima
Every set or feature, extra ether
Don't cross me like pressing X in FIFA
Slide tackle, wreck your femur
My penius a secret me and your sexy diva kept between us
Had her sounding like Venus against Serena
When I put nine in her like Tecca nina
Grind in her, Sent her back to you with a wrecked vagina
And Bauce Sauce the Nom de Plume
So miss me woth them comments dude
My house look like Tutankhamun's tomb
Got old pics of momma nude doing kama sutra
In my dorm's common room, bruh

Our skills are held in High regards
Steal your limelight, you should try to Hire guards
Come through in flyer garbs
Think you Mr Perfect, I'm Tire Iron Arn
Plus I got a cousin with more work than an entire farm
I'm with your fly main squeeze
Eating nice aged brie, watching ice age 3
When Zen and Rob together
I defy whoever to try to find a better
Duo that you know that rhyme as clever
We understand that time is ever of the essence
That's why we never resting
So damn Effervescent
I'm a beast, Dan Severn Reference
Fornicate with your mixtapes
And F your best shit
This mustachioed guy
Is Pistachios with rapping though
And couldn't fail or be whack if he tried
Oh they seeing offers?
Cheating golfers... Manufacturing lies
Hahaha We laugh at you guys
These boys are un phased by the tactics they try
Cordially wave as we're passing you by
Bye bye on my timberlake shit
No one cares about your team, yall on that winter games shit
Give us your veneration
Cause on the mic we get more ooooh's then those Splinter raised kids



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