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Rare Birds... These are rare words, rare words

Got this beat from Zach G, He sent it last week
I Drop a mixtape and do numbers like a mathlete
Life aint fare like a taxi
25 now, I'm get old son, mary kate and ashley
But if you don't get off my vertebrate of course then I
Will send you to the pearly gates, boy you'll die
I got a gun closet that's middle aged, Doggy why?
Cause its filled with nothing but 38s and 45s
Came out the water like a pretty ass dolphin
When I say I wanna see how your girl stroke it I aint talking bout watching her pretty ass golfin
Try to be as silly as often
Ridiculous yet meticulous
Watch me sun these fly dudes, Icarus
Shouts to Marc and my IU constituents
Rush order? I can hurry cane like Ryu kicking shit
Only thing I'm tellin you to kick is rocks
Whiskey on the rocks
I'm in it for the long term, 401k and options for stocks
You the village idiot, throw tomatoes at you while you locked in the stocks
Whippin the black Carerra
Ball like Gerry McNamera
Kick it like capoeira
So much bread, looks like wallet just had Panera
She want to know how my thing feel
Take your bitch on a picnic and frolic through a sping field
Call me as Mr Burns motherfucker, Mr Burns
Let it burn motherfucker, let it burn
Fillin urns motherfucker, fillin urns
So wait your turn motherfucker, wait your turn

If you can't see I'm the future you lack foresight
It's still nWo for life
Tough guys hating, looking for fights
Against me, Bitch you too weak, fortnight
You'll catch that one, Fourteen days later
And when it finally hits,
You'll need morphine cause the pains greater
They say money will trans your posture
How I act after getting bands and offers
Will be the same way "I live" before the mills, antipasta
You get no dough, you must be Anti-pasta
Your girl looks like a xannied out tranny rasta angry Blanca
Fuck Ted talks, I'd rather hear Ted talk, Bawno
Bitches wanna share me, Bono
Tell you and your man, U and U2, Bono
If they lock me up for what I do to beats Am I getting bond? No
Give your chick the Andueille
Whisper sweet nothings to her, she replies "I'm dewy"
I'm about my decimals, I'm Dewy
Yall do yall We gon do we
Got a hall full of broads all wanting to do
If I was your Kinect avatarnot a damn thing you do would move me
Bars More Crazy Than a thousand Lumidees
PuL my fingar
Gooby please


from Ssssh, Not While I'm Pouring, released September 27, 2012
Beat courtesy of Zach G. It is from "Rare Birds" off his "Rara Aves" album which can be had for free: zachg.bandcamp.com/album/rara-aves



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