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We wavy holmes, Catch me at yo lady's home,
Retrieving her mail in the am in a paisley robe
Pretty silk
Half caf macchiato with a splash of titty milk
Come to your town and tear down what your city built
Fuck Mac Miller and his many ilk
Yeah I said What you gone do bout it?
He looks like he had Progeria and grew out it
Hi Anna
Rack City Dog, Ren ten ten twenties and the fifties hoe
Beluga caviar diet, that sticky roe
Duffel bag full of money like I'm Ricky Roe
My New bitch, high yellow like Stick Stickly nose
Blue chips, Coach these players like Nick Nolte
My slick multis get your chick sultry
With a cutie blonde bomb
That I'm a hit like kermit washington and rudy tomjan
Your flow that's a mess, you need help send an SOS
Serving Punchlines like lunch lines at S&S
Your mom subscribes to my tweets via sms
When I step up to the plate, big slugger, go yard
When I step up to the plane, French luggage, goyard
Step into the booth, get aroused, and go hard
Recite epic poems, don't say I rap, say I go bard
Covert thirst, these dudes Simp bad
Got Credit like a Pin Pad
Smooth talker, make good girls sin bad
Rap about Nicktoons?I was the First Kid, No sinbad
I don't give a fuck about petty milestones
You out here like this one time on Bandcamp
Bitch I been had bars, Check the handstamps
Dried Jism on your sister's trampstamp
For my dick, your chick got a jones, Lolo
Who came first? It was kind of a tie... Bolo
Mixin up the sprite, we leanin... Cholo
Set this whole rhyme scheme up so I could say Yolo

Rap Game Ernest Baker
Serious about my dough, I'm an earnest baker
Get around my society of friends, you nerds turn to quakers, nervous fakers
We trippy like a circuit breaker
If we talking Bourbon, I prefer it Maker's
Catch me smoking sherm out in sherman acres
Everybody wants to rap now, that's learned behavior,
My style eye-popping, word to Vader
Everything I spat is either crack or ether
My crew alcoholics who stay with mead like trapper keepers
So whose next? Prepare to die.
Fuck saving, blew checks like I'm verified


from Ssssh, Not While I'm Pouring, released September 27, 2012
Beat courtesy of GM. The track is "I Ain't Shit" off his #GMEP which can be found here: gmmusic.bandcamp.com/album/gm-gmep



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