The Happy Children

by J Rob

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Just general venting of frustrations.


I'm flat sick of underachievin
And questioning every facet of what I believe in
That's it My career, I'm past a couple of grievance....
S, I wanna tell these fascists "Fuck it I'm leaving this"
Job, But Rob you the bread winner,
You the reason at dinner your family got the funds to be eating,
So muzzle your feelings
What are you even, doing
Staying up in the evening?
Constructing songs?
Its too alleviate some of my demons
Struggle with the right words
And fumble with piecing
Together the perfect
Couplet whose robustness with meaning
Expresses the emotions that are bundled up deep in
Side of my mind
Behind these light eyes
From nine to five I'm
Reminded I'm dying
Life is finite
Time is Pyrite
Get distracted by the glittery
Most get scurvy
Before they rhyme in lime light
So if you want an answer to the reason why I write
Let's remove the confusion and banter
Is not delusions of grandeur
It's just therapeutic like removing a cancer
Wish I was prescient
Knew or acknowledged
That these seconds are so precious
When a junior in college
And capitalized on something that I loved before ordering my cap and gown size
As my hourglass empties
I block it out... That is until my whisky sour glass empty
At 25 it feels like its too late
To try and be great, create a new fate
Living the twenty something's nightmare
I could be worse off... Log in to facebook and there's plenty of em right there
Still, the stress causing canker sores
Is it greed to hanker for more than I should be thankful for?


released November 22, 2011
Produced by Jon Baylor



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Stick Up Kids Greenville, South Carolina

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