Down and Out

by J Rob

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This was the first instrumental I EVER wrote and recorded to back like 10 years ago. Figure I'd give it an update and pay homage to the greatest song ever and the greatest rapper ever.


Aiyo a rap verse, I explicate it
With words, defenestrate em
These herbs that never made it
Prefer the steady hating
Observe, my g and see
My life like a GNC
I'm quaffing,Taking shots of sambuca in the Aegean Sea
No defeating me, not tomorrow, not today
While Rob shops for days
You borrow what you rock and save
Talk Gasol/Kobe Beef As I hop a plane
To cop Kobe Beef in Osaka Bay
Your punchlines Waka, mine Flaka Flame
Cats hate when on top then change when they not okay
Dudes get mad humble on the DL,
Stack bundles on the DL, or get rocked-a-way
Quick suggestion: your shit is whack
JR's a writer, but no I'm not a Diplomat
But since I impress them, in this session, let's do a impression
Class is in session
An oddity, Rob is god
Commonly, promenade
With the hottest of college broads
If your whole squad involved
I'm bombing your entourage
Then calmy involve your mom
In a drunken menage a trois
Get jaw from your grandmama
I'm muderin this shit
Flow on that 730 dip dip
Fly by you in that all white 730 whip bitch
I see behind that mask Ipkiss
I'm Dr Lipshcitz to these rugrats
You rap too? Fuck that
You should hang your pen up, no thumb tack
You claim you a pimp where ya sluts at?
You go from one to a nother dame? What are you a hunchback?
You aint got a clue about me, so take your hunch back
NYou fuck boys can take that fuck noise and fall the fuck back
Oh my Rob your language is explicit
Well thank you for the listen, but this aint just for children
What is that? Purple stuff? This aint your ordinary liquor
This aint your ordinary mixture
All my guhls sext me
Yo bitch be taking Ordinary pictures
Yo bitch be taking Ordinary pictures
Rick Ross, bitch I know my memes
You dudes are average you know what I MEeeeeeeeeEan
Everything about my raps are the truth though
Like Heizenberg meth,
Aint nothing about me that's pseudo
I make what them kids like call me Klasky Csupo


released August 12, 2011



all rights reserved


Stick Up Kids Greenville, South Carolina

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