by Stick Up Kids

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Remix to Childish Gambino's first song of his new album "Camp."


If you think talking shit is fun
Then homie fix your tongue
I'm spitting that Venom to get em sick and numb
Listen, hon, just cause you sit on my dick and cum
Don't think you getting bread
Not even Oblina would get a Krumm
AHHHH'm a real monster word to Ickis
With words the slickest
Murdering these nerdy bitches
If she got a landing strip then with fervor I'll surf her isthmus
Coal is what Santa gives her for Christmas
Saying I aint the truth that's perjury just witness
That I do everything my penn state Joe Jurevicius
My purty Jerseylicious girl's curves are vicious
We aint concerned unless its Ted Turner business
My bitch diamonds flawless, clear jewels
Middle class but I associate with ne'er-do-wells
Loud packs? Your weed barely yells
I'm that thing in the castle with the rose covered in hair with Belle
Bid these rapper adieu; tweet them fare-the-wells
I'm thinking one step ahead; you ran up the stairs and fell
My skills rare as hell, How am I doing with Rap as a medium!? Baby Jessica... Very Well
Don't be scared to tell how I rap the best though
I'm someone to invest in, Put your cash in escrow
You the next sure thing? That fact is less known
More question marks around you than Matthew Lesko,
Let's go, I'm so Don Drapery
If you from Pittsburgh I'll steal your curtains; fuck your drapery.
Your fave MCs afraid of me
My redneck friends stay round big guns, AC Slater's sleeves

I'm from the land of the crescent moon and Palm Tree
They front butt that is not flattering, Mom jeans
I only bring hot 16's, Prom queens
I like my girls Lonely and Swedish, word to Tom Green
You need more people
These hipsters need less beanies; more Sigel
They say Rob's plan is nonsense
Then please explain why these kids feel us more than Bob Vance
Of Vance Refrigeration
Advance with witty sayings
A Panther sitting waiting
For the chance to kill and maim em
On my high horse, throw my lancer in your face if
Your answer is I'm faking
On my panzer in Kuwait shit
Home alone, they jack it like a letterman
Their delivery Digiornio and mine's more Doug Heffernin
Y'all lucky rap is just a side hobby
King of the Hill, don't even try Bobby
It's obvi he's never had a plight or many burdens
Plus his voice is so high pitched and suburban
Whiter than a sturgeon
They attack who I am as a person
But TBH, I'm kinda tired of being perfect
Hungry like a wolf, no Duran Duran Fan Club
I'm getting money bitch, Birdman Hand Rub
Thinking you the best will lead that boy off to slaughter
You can die the shit, porta potty water
I rap to show how good they aren't, Oh, silly me
Your career is Rocky; I'm sure that it loves Emily
Now sit back and watch the killing spree
Until everybody claiming "I"m the One", Billy Jean


released July 31, 2011
Took the beat from the 30 second Teaser Trailer and looped that jawn. Shouts to Donald Glover.



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Stick Up Kids Greenville, South Carolina

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